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Have you been a victim of financial fraud in Brazil?.

We recover your investment the right way

Bank Fraud

In this type of scam, criminals use the QR Code of the electronic payment system and send it to users' emails using the visual identity of service providers known in the market.

WhatsApp Cloning

WhatsApp can also be cloned through spy apps for the purpose of asking for money from close people or making fraudulent deals.

Fake sales websites

These "spoofed" sites can capture a victim's confidential information, including usernames, passwords and credit card details, or install malware on their computers.

Ponzi scheme

Always consult a specialist lawyer before the damage is too great

"Be wary of easy money, find out about the origin of the business and don't invest what you may need..."



#runawayfromfraud Learn how to avoid internet financial scams with expert Digital Crime lawyer, Dr. Adriano Hermida Maia

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Founding partner

Dr. Adriano Hermida Maia

Lawyer and partner at Hermida Maia, Professor, specialist in Digital Crimes, Postgraduate in Civil Procedure, Labor Law and Labor Procedure, MBA in Accounting & Tax Law with an emphasis on tax risk.

In the press

Cryptocurrency broker is ordered to pay damages for alleged pyramid created by Brazilian arrested in the US

Three companies - the cryptocurrency exchange must bear the financial damage caused by Airbit Club..


If you have never been a victim of financial fraud in Brazil, you certainly know someone who has been through this unpleasant situation. 💸💸


Delegacias Virtuais

If the fact to be reported took place in the city where the culprit is located, check if there is an online service to record the occurrence in that state or go to the nearest Police Station.


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